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Collegiate Life Investment Foundation (C.L.I.F.)

C.L.I.F. is a non-profit organization established to educate the high school and collegiate population about the dangers of distractive driving; in addition to serving as a life investment vehicle for African American young men and women in today's society. In memory of Clifton B. Gibbs, a 23 year old college graduate killed by a distracted driver, the organization encourages academic excellence, community involvement, and a sincere lifelong commitment to refrain from any use of mobile phones while driving.


The mission of C.L.I.F. is to serve as the premier vehicle to inform students across the globe about the dangers of distracted driving, and to provide overall support for those who have been seriously affected by its negligence. C.L.I.F. is committed to helping the community by focusing on the dangers of distracted driving and investing time, money, and resources to furthering the education of African American young men and women for LIFE.

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